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What are some basic Tamil sentences that one should know?

Whenever you travel to a place other than your native state or country, you should try to communicate in their language. Do it and experience their generosity and friendliness!. So knowing the basics in a language is a necessary thing to communicate with those people. Heare are some basic Tamil words to better communicate in Tamil nadu.

1. Nandri ‍ (நன்றி) >> thank you

2. Romba nandri (ரொம்ப‌ நன்றி) >> thank you very much

3. Evvalavu (எவ்வளவு) >> how much? (for shopping)

4. Enge (எங்கே) >> where (useful to ask for directions)

5. Kudunga (கொடுங்க‌) >> please give. (The actual word is just ‘kudu’ , but the ‘nga’ is added to denote respect. This word can be used while you order food, or just generally whenever you want something. As an example, saying ‘Coffee kudunga’ means that you are requesting for a coffee with all the due respect.)

6. Anna/ akka (அண்ணா / அக்கா) >> elder brother/sister. If you say “anna/akka, one help”, most likely, you’ll get what you need. These words are magical words, make use of them. The locals will become all the more compassionate and helpful.

7. Saappaaadu/Thanni (சாப்பாடு / தண்ணீர்) >> The words mean food and water respectively.

8. Vanakkam (வணக்கம்) >> A greeting suited for any time of the day.

9. kaalai vanakkam (காலை வணக்கம்) >> good morning

10. maalai vanakkam (மாலை வனக்கம்) >> good evening

11. Vendaam (வேண்டாம்) >> no

12. Saptingala? (Respectful) (சாப்பிட்டீங்களா) >> Did u eat? & Saptiya (Friendly; Not Respectful) >> Did u eat?

13. Konjam Uthvi pannuga (கொஞ்சம் உதவி பண்ணுங்க‌) >> please help

14. kudikiraduku konjam thanni kedaikuma? (குடிகிறதுக்கு கொஞ்சம் தண்ணி கிடைக்குமா ?) >> Can I have some water to drink?

15. Intha edathuku epidi poganum (இந்த‌ இடத்துக்கு எப்படி போகணும் ?) >> how to go to this place

16. Enakku Tamil theriyathu. English la sollatuma?” (எனக்கு தமிழ் தெரியாது. இங்கிலீஸ்ல‌ சொல்லட்டுமா ?) >> I don't know Tamil. Can I say it in English?

17. inga pakathla hotel enga iruku? (இங்க‌ பக்கத்துல‌ ஹோட்டல் எங்க‌ இருக்கு ?) >> where is the nearest hotel here?

18. Nala Irukingala? (Respectful) (நல்லா இருக்கீங்களா?) >> How are you?

19. Nala Irukiya? (Friendly; Not Respectful) (நல்லா இருக்கியா) >> How are you?

20. Inga entha hotel ah sappadu nalla irukkum? (இங்க‌ எந்த‌ ஹோட்டல்ல‌ சாப்பாடு நல்லா இருக்கும்? ) >> Here in which hotel we can get good food?

21. Vilai romba athigama solreenga, kammi pannikonga (வில‌ அதிகமா சொல்லிறீங்க‌, கம்மி பண்ணிக்கோங்க‌) >> You are telling the price so high, please reduce it.

22. Sari nan poittu varren (சரி, நான் போயிட்டு வறேன்.) >> Okay I will return back (Used instead of saying bye)

23. Railway station epdi poganum? (ரெயில்வே ஸ்டேஷன் அப்படி போகணும்) >> How should I go to the Railway station?

24. Idhoda vilai enna? (இதோட‌ விலை என்ன‌) >> What is the price of this?

25. Indha bus Tambaram poguma? (இந்த‌ பஸ் தாம்பரம் போகுமா ?) >> Will this bus go to Tambaram?

26. Indha oorla enna vishesham? (இந்த‌ ஊர்ல‌ என்ன‌ விசேஷம் ?) >> What is special in this place?

27. enaku puriyala (எனக்கு புரியல‌) >> I did not understand

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