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How can I say "All the best" in Tamil?

All the best’ is one of such English idioms used to wish someone happiness and success.

In Tamil there are so many phrases to match the English idiom ‘All the best’.

PERUGA PERUMPERU - பெறுக பெரும்பேறு” - The best phrase which conveys all the meanings of “All the best”.
Here are the list of other words which matches the idiom ‘All the best’. More phrases that would closely mean the same as “All the best…”

  1. நலம் உண்டாகட்டும் - May good happen!
  2. நல்லதே நடக்கும் - Good shall happen!
  3. வெற்றி உண்டாகட்டும் - May you win..
  4. வெற்றி உனக்கே - Victory shall be yours!

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